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Owner’s Guide

You're busy, we know. Between business, family, and having a social life, worrying about your properties should be the last thing on your mind. Or maybe you like the idea of being a landlord but without all of the late night phone calls, keeping up with consistently changing laws, and the mundane maintenance issues. Let Asher House Leasing relieve that piece of stress in your life.

Here's how we get you back, to laying back:

1. Determining fair rental value

2. Advertising/ Marketing/Photography

3. Screening tenants

4. Collecting rent 

5. Paying Bills

6. Meticulous record keeping

7. Handling tenant maintenance requests/Providing preventive maintenance

8. Setting up property inspections to identify areas of liability/necessary repair

9. Answering all property calls

10. Setting up showings/Open Houses

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