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About Us



Asher House Leasing is a property management firm that exists because of the need to have a quality leasing company that provides exceptional maintenance and customer service to its clients and residents.

We put people first.

One of our guiding principles and core values is we believe that people come first. With over 30 years combined experience in providing excellent customer service, the Asher House Leasing team has the knowledge and experience to handle any situation. Our maintenance team believes a job well done is one that is done right the first time. 

For the owners who are interested in tackling the real estate industry without all the headaches of property management, we want to provide our expertise and services. We strive to provide ideal properties for residents that they can turn into homes.

Although our company is small, we are more reactive and responsive to our client needs. We have years of dedicated customer service experience, a young and energetic staff and a go get ‘em attitude. We direct all of our efforts toward our clients. To understand, predict, and satisfy their needs and expectations in a timely, cost-effective and value-added manner, both as a company and as individuals.


Our mission it to get back to the basics of customer service.

We put people first. We define customer service through our actions. We are direct; we say what we mean and mean what we say. We are service that never sleeps.

We treat our residents the same way we treat our clients. We believe in respect and integrity. We believe in clear communication and transparency. If we don’t have an answer when you ask, we will find it.

We are committed to excellence.

We are committed to you.


Our vision at Asher House Leasing is to facilitate the collaboration, and connect the needs of our owners with the needs of our tenants. As an owner, we get it. You want to tackle the real estate market but maybe you don’t have the time or the energy to do it. We take away the stress from both sides by providing excellent customer service and immediate action. Asher House Leasing was created because we understand the needs of tenants as well as owners. Owners want to make a profit from their properties without worrying about them being damaged. Conversely, we aspire to give our tenants a home they can take pride in and have someone they can trust to fix anything that might break down. It’s simple really. At Asher House Leasing, our responsiveness and commitment to excellence are our guiding values.

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